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DICE tackles junk fees at the White House

Words by DICE
Photos by Tim Barber

A historic day with President Biden in the fight for fair ticketing practices

On June 15, 2023, our founder and CEO Phil Hutcheon joined President Biden on stage at the White House as Biden delivered his remarks against junk fees

“One of the major categories of junk fees are ones that companies charge right at the end of the purchasing process, after you’ve already spent the time comparing your options. The solution is what is called ‘all-in pricing’. And that’s where companies fully disclose their fees upfront when you start shopping, so you’re not surprised at the end when you check out,” said President Biden.

Bringing an end to junk fees

Fairness and transparency is something that DICE has fought for since day one. “When we began, everyone told us that upfront pricing wouldn’t work. But it has. Fans are buying more tickets than ever on DICE, and it’s because they trust that the price they see upfront is what they’ll pay at the end. The Junk Fees act is something that all businesses should embrace to rebuild consumer faith. I’m a fan, and there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a transaction and the price being more – you feel cheated,” said Phil Hutcheon, following President Biden’s comments. 

The President continued: “The companies represented here today are voluntarily committing to all-in upfront pricing. Some of them have used this process for years to sell tickets […] like DICE [...]. Tens of millions of fans have already benefited from their decision.”

Find out more from the White House or watch the livestream of the event.

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