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How DICE is keeping our partners connected

How DICE is keeping our Partners connected

As we wrap up 2023, it is important to reflect on the year we’ve had and consider the ways we can help build a live music industry that is safer, more inclusive and where everyone is heard and valued.

Our goal at DICE has always been the same: we want to be a proactive and impactful partner on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) for the live music industry. In 2023 we’ve tried to work towards this goal, not only internally but across the industry we operate in. 

Earlier this year we hosted our second in-person Partner Social event, in our London office, in an afternoon of great music, industry talks, networking and delicious food. We opened up conversations about how we can work together to build a better industry for fans worldwide.

Led by our DEI team, the event incorporated conversations about inclusivity and community parties using data derived from fan behaviour on DICE. The event allowed us to get together with a number of our brilliant partners in the UK to talk and learn about industry trends, observations and challenges, so we can plan an even more proactive and impactful 2024. 

DICE is all about community and our collaborative work with the DICE Network (made up of globally connected artists, promoters, venues and brands) allows us to work together to achieve our shared goal of making progress on DEI issues.  

We consistently seek to expand the DICE Network for partners - always keeping DEI and our fan-first ethos at the heart of everything.

We have created roles dedicated to amplifying underrepresented partners and communities, as well as promoting their supportive causes. Our team is actively engaged in diversifying our partner networks across various communities and global territories. 

For example, in September, the Paris-based venue Wanderlust, a multifunctional arts space, collaborated with the British collective DLT (Days Like This) through the DICE network. This partnership resulted in a special day-to-night summer party, right in the heart of the capital, which perfectly captured the magic of diverse and inclusive cultural experiences.

We’ve also leveraged DICE channels to promote more inclusive engagement with marginalised groups, including fans in the LGBTQIA+ community, those with accessibility needs, and older live music fans. We’ve done this by working with our partners to highlight important awareness moments throughout the year including International Women’s Day, LGBTQ+ Pride and Black History Month to name a few. 

We also work with our colleagues to ensure DEI is factored in our CRM work, from event selection for mailers to featuring inclusive events on fans’ Home pages in the app. One way we’ve done this is by spotlighting Pride events like Pxssy Palace, Joyride, ROAST and House of Trash through our Pride 365 campaign, showcasing the importance of celebrating queer fans and partners throughout the year. 

Equality Policies (also known as anti-harassment policies) should be public facing to help fans feel more confident in sharing any negative experiences, and that a venue/show is as safe and inclusive as possible. At DICE, we encourage venues to publish an anti-harassment policy on their websites. One of our venue partners in New York, Elsewhere, has a section on their webpage dedicated to this. 

We’ve created a template for partners who might want it to let fans know their staff are trained to remove individuals who discriminate and what to do if they see or experience anything untoward. We’re also working with our Product team to figure out how we can best amplify these policies across the DICE platform, and improve the feedback loop.

Looking ahead

Working in partnership, and cultivating a culture where awareness of DEI themes is always expanding, can help move us all forward towards a more diverse industry. 

As we look to the future, we are more determined than ever to deepen our impact and we’re looking forward to continuing this vital work in 2024 to make DICE inclusive for every fan, everywhere. Working together, we are not just imagining but actively building a more inclusive and fair future for everyone in our industry.

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