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Grow your fanbase

Whether you want to play bigger venues, increase revenue or reach a wider audience, artists always benefit from our fan-first approach.

Working with DICE, we plotted out a strategy, selling out quickly, delivering exponential growth show by show. It has worked amazingly for the artist, our fans, partners and label. We’re excited to use the DICE model globally, building similar success in all of our key markets.”
Oli Isaacs, Artist Manager (Bicep)
Oli Isaacs, Artist Manager (Bicep)

Why artists partner with DICE

Generate more revenue

Whether it’s driving record sales or staging a world tour, we're here to help make the most of your hard work.

Built for fans

From personalised recommendations to refunds, DICE has the smoothest ticketing experience on the market. 

Data-driven planning

Know where your fans are and tap into our audience insights to plan live shows, streams or tours. 
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A world-class ticketing platform that goes further for artists

No matter your industry, DICE can support your needs
Eliminate the secondary market with digital ticketing
Ticket any event easily with our intelligent creator tool
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